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There’s a fine line between an exciting adventure and utter stupidity, with the difference essentially coming down to the preparation you do ahead of time. Backpacking or trekking in Nepal can be the adventure of a lifetime, but it’s pretty idiotic and reckless not to make sure you have adequate insurance beforehand.

We have mentioned in our terms and conditions that Shera Sherpa Adventures cannot be held liable in case of an emergency or other unexpected circumstances. In fact, foreigners are prohibited from taking insurance within the borders of Nepal.

So, in addition to investing in comprehensive travel insurance, you should do so in your home country. This is essential in case of medical emergencies, evacuations by helicopter, natural disasters, illness, theft, lost luggage, trip cancelation, death and the like.

What you should consider?

Sometimes there are unforeseen circumstances that you can not prepare for, aside from having to provide the proper resources in advance. Accidents and illnesses can occur at any time, and in an earthquake-prone country where you could realistically be climbing mountains, it is realistic that you may need to be evacuated by helicopter.

While travel agencies can arrange for evacuation by helicopter, they generally do not cover the associated costs – and if they do, compensation must be paid. Needless to say, if your insurance does not cover helicopter rescue and you do need it, the costs can be astronomical. And this can be exacerbated if a medical team is needed in addition to the helicopter crew.

Even if you do not need to be evacuated by helicopter, other things can occur. Medical treatment for incidents at high altitudes and remote locations is obviously expensive. It is absolutely essential that you are adequately insured for any eventuality you may encounter.

Insurance can be an opaque and confusing matter. That’s why it’s important to tell your insurance agent exactly what situations you are getting into when you sign up for a plan. This includes not only disclosing the details of your plans, but also having a clear conversation about the risks involved.

It is critical that your insurance agent understands this before you sign a contract. Discussing this in detail will give you an idea of how insurance companies view these things. That being said, this will simplify your insurance claims if circumstances require it.

As with anything this important, store around before you purchase insurance for your trip. Mountaineering is a very intense endeavor that can not be separated from the particular risks you are taking. Therefore, it is important that you specifically mention “mountaineering” to your potential insurance providers when explaining what you need coverage for.

Unfortunately, Shera Sherpa Adventures cannot refund deposits from clients due to its own financial obligations – so insurance against trip cancelation is also essential.

Shera Sherpa Adventures requires all adventurers to provide us with a copy of their insurance details so that appropriate action can be taken in the event of an emergency.


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