Travel Insurance

There’s a fine line between an exciting adventure and outright stupidity, the difference basically owing itself to the amount of preparation that you make beforehand. Backpacking and trekking around Nepal can be the adventure of a lifetime, but failing to ensure that you’re properly insured beforehand is pretty idiotic and foolhardy.

We’ve mentioned in our Terms and Conditions that Shera Sherpa Adventures shall not be liable in case of emergency or other unexpected circumstances. Foreigners are in fact prohibited from purchasing any insurance plan within the borders of Nepal – so not only should you purchase invest in an all-encompassing travel insurance plan, but you should do so in your home country. This is essential in case of medical emergencies, evacuation by helicopter for whatever reason, natural disaster, illness, theft, lost luggage, trip cancellation, death, and the like.
Things to keep in mind:

Sometimes there are unforeseen circumstances that you just cannot prepare yourself in advance for beyond setting up the appropriate resources beforehand. Accidents and illness can strike at any time, and in an earthquake-prone country where you might realistically be climbing mountains, it’s realistic that you may need helicopter evacuation. While tourist agencies can arrange for helicopter evacuation, they typically will not cover the ensuing costs – and if they do, compensation will be required. It goes without saying that if your insurance plan doesn’t cover helicopter rescue and you end up requiring it, the resulting costs can be astronomical. And this can be further exacerbated in cases where a medical team is needed in addition to the helicopter crew.

Even if you don’t need to be evacuated by chopper, other things can come up. Medical treatments for incidents that occur at high altitudes and remote locations are obviously expensive. It’s absolutely vital that you’re adequately insured in case of anything that you might face.

Insurance can be a murky and confusing affair, so it’s important to tell your insurance agent just what sort of situations you’re getting yourself into when purchasing a plan. This includes not only disclosing the details of your plans but also a clear discussion on the risks entailed. Ensuring that your insurance agent understands is vital before finalizing a plan, and furthermore discussing it in detail will give you an idea of how insurance companies view these things. Aside from that, it will streamline your insurance claims if circumstances cause that to become necessary.

Like anything else that carries this much importance, it’s necessary to shop around before choosing an insurance plan for your trip. Mountaineering is a very intensive undertaking, and no matter what it cannot be separated from the peculiar risks that you run by engaging in it. Thus it’s vital to specifically mention “mountaineering” to your potential insurance providers when you explain just what you need coverage for.

Unfortunately, Shera Sherpa Adventures is unable to refund any client deposits due to our own financial obligations – so insuring yourself against trip cancellation is also vital.

Shera Sherpa Adventures requires all adventurers to provide us with a copy of your insurance details so that the appropriate measures are taken in case of any emergency.

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