Langtang, Gosainkund and Helambu Trek


The main objective of our company is to ensure that the new trekking is to benefit our local residence and to promote tourism and thus grow the economy of the area. Our company is involved in development areas and thus we offer our travellers a chance to experience it.

Langtang, Gosainkunda and Helambu trekking area lies in the northern routes of kamathadu valley. The journey is covered with natural and cultural aspects and graced with Langtang valley trek which is known to have a number of lakes. Gosainkunda trek is known to have a lot of cultural aspect while Helambu is known for its majestic landscapes. Helambu trek gives you a golden opportunity to enjoy cultural integrity, alpine environment and the superb Himalayan Islands. This trek is perfect for celebrating holiday and other events in Nepal. During the Langtang, Gosainkunda & Helambu Trekking, we look at the different ways of life and culture coming in contact with cultural and historic site passing by the foots of Himalayas islands.

It is a 17 days’ trek where our company will assist you to have an exceptional adventure with in the majestic Himalaya islands full of cultural ecosystem.

Detailed Itinerary

Day 1 – Arrive in Kathmandu Airport

Upon arrival at the airport, our company’s representative will welcome you and will help you by transferring you to the hotel of your choice through a private car. We will also provide dinner for you where you will be entertained with cultural dances. Our representative will then brief you about the trip.

Day 2 – Kathmandu trek orientation

In the morning, you will be served with breakfast. This will be followed by a trek to Kathmandu where you will have a chance to view great historic sites in Kathmandu such as the popular Buddhist temple, Buddhanathan, Dubar square, the famous Kathmandu temple and the Hindu temple known as Pasupatinath. This temple is located on the east of Kathmandu city surrounded by the green vegetation, and the sacred Bagmati river. The temple is properly furnished with silver doors and jilted roof. It is described as one of the holiest temples. The temple has become popular due to its silver doors and golden roof. You will also have a chance to visit the world’s largest Stupa called Boudhnathan Stupa. It is located east of Kathmandu city standing in four parts of cardinal points. The shrine is surrounded with the houses of Buddhist priests.

A professional city guide will assist you with the orientation process. After the orientation, our representative will help you with trek preparations and introduce you with details concerning the trek. Overnight, you will stay in the hotel.

Day 3 – Drive from Kathmandu – Syabrubesi

Early in the morning, you will be provided with breakfast so that the journey can start. It is a 145 kilometre drive from Kathmandu to Syabrubesi. The rood is smooth though it has a lot of turnings and corners. During the journey, you will pass by, Trisuli river and bazaar and then to Satdobato which is a bumpy road. Passing through Trisuli river will give you an adventurous and memorable time. Moreover, you will be able to view some local houses, forests, terraces, and some beautiful landforms. After the journey you will arrive in Langtang, Syabrubesi. Upon arrival, you will be served with dinner.

Day 4 – Trek from Syabrubesi – Lama Hotel

After breakfast, we will cross multiple rivers and bridges, pass through the dense forest of bamboo along the Langtang Khola River. The trek is full of green vegetation, bee-hives, hot springs and several rivers. The dense forest is the natural habitat for animals such as wild bares, yellow panda among others. Lama hotel will be our destination. The journey is full of valleys and hills but isn’t much challenging.

Day 5 – Trek from Lama hotel – Langtang Valley trek

The second day of our trek will be the famous Langtang valley. The trek will be memorable and adventurous due to the valley surrounded by the mountains. Therefore, after breakfast, we shall begin our trek immediately. You shall experience several ecological and geographical sites, waterfalls, and a clear view of the famous Langtang Lirung and meet people who have settled in this valley. We shall also cross timberlines and view some water driven mills.

Day 6 – Trek from Langtang – Kyanjin Gompa

After breakfast, we will begin our trek which will involve passing several villages. We shall use a path which is highly surrounded with rocky hills. The land is widely known for its mass production of milk and cheese. You shall also observe the popular Mani Wall which is the largest in Nepal. We shall have a great time by enjoying the ideal latitude in this area. Thereafter, we shall take a nap and spend the night in Kyanjin Gompa preparing for the next day’s activities.

Day 7 – Hike day in Kyanjin Gompa

In this day, activities begin early in the morning where we will have a wide picture view of places in Langtang such as Langtang Lirung, Yansa Tsenji, Dorje Lakpa, and Langtang I,II & III. We shall also pay a visit to the local cheese industry. After lots of hiking during the day, we shall spend the night at a local tea hotel.

Day 8 – Trek from Kyanjin Gompa – Lama Hotel

We shall spend this day trekking back to lama hotel. In most cases, this journey takes 2 days but for us, we shall spend only 7 hours. Through the journey, we shall observe the mountains surrounded by green vegetation. We shall spend the night at Lama Hotel.

Day 9 – Trek from Lama Hotel – Thulo Syabru

The trek shall begin by passing by the river of the base green approaching Thulo Syabru. The trek is full of bamboo forest. We shall spend the night at a local tea hotel in Thulo Syabru.

Day 10 – Trek from Thulo Syabru – Shin Gomba

In this day, we shall climb Dimsa village where the path is full of rhododendron forest. We shall also be in a position to observe Langtang. Thereafter, we will arrive in Shin Gomba where we shall spend the night.

Day 11 – Trek from Shin Gomba – Gosainkunda

The Gosainkunda trek will give us an opportunity to enjoy the colourful view of Ganesh and Manaslu range. The place is rich in alpine environment which is the natural habitat for cat bear and Red Panda. We shall finally approach Gosainkunda which is usually referred as the land of lakes. We will spend the night here.

Day 12 – Trek from Gosainkunda – Gopte

The activities of this day are quite challenging because we will have to cover hills and rough moraines. We shall ascend beautiful lakes before we arrive in Gopte.

Day 13 – Trek from Gopte – Malemchigaon

In this treak, we shall pass by the the tropical forest and dry rivers until we arrive in Kharka and Thare Pati. Through this trek we shall enjoy and experience beautiful nature. We shall finally arrive in Malemchigaon where we will spend the night.

Day 14 – Trek from Malemchigaon – Tarke Gyang

Today is the day we experience the Helambu Trek. It won’t be like the other days since the tek will be more cultural than natural. We shall have the opportunity to enjoy the Sherpa culture and their way of life. We will visit their traditional built houses and learn a few of their cultural identities. We shall spend the night at a local hotel.

Day 15 – Trek from Tarke Gyang – Sermathang

We shall walk through the thick forest where we will meet two more Sherpa villages. We shall spend the night in Sermathang.

Day 16 – Trek from Sermathang – Melamchi Pool Bazaar and drive to Kathmandu

It is a 3-4 hours’ drive to Kathmandu where you will be transferred to a hotel and have free time.

Day 17 – Departure transfer

You shall be transferred to the airport by our team’s representative 3 hours before your flight.


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