Mount Manaslu Climbing Expedition, Nepal

Mount Manaslu

Manaslu or “Mountain of the Spirit” will leave you in awe. The beautiful walls of snow and ice have been open to travelers since 1992. It was first climbed on May 9, 1956, by Toshio Imanishi and Gyalzen Norbu, members of a Japanese expedition. The Mount Manaslu climbing expedition is the ultimate climbing adventure. Preparing mentally and physically for this adventure is a must. Experienced climbers can expect there to be high altitudes and elevations. Standing at an 8000-meter peak in the breathtaking Himalaya, Mansalu is a glorious mountain ranking the eighth highest in the world. The peak reaches a whopping 8163 meters and gives a spectacular view from a distance. The landscape of steep snow and ice with major crevasses offers climbers a challenging experience. More so than Shishapangma and Cho Oyu. It is found in a remote area that was generally untraveled in mid-west Nepal. However, with Shera Sherpa Adventures, climbers can expect superior service to help them achieve their goals of conquering this grand mountain.

Manaslu Climbing Expedition

Getting to Manaslu Expedition Camp 1 at 5700 meters will be quite a ride. The first day of acclimatization will be at 4600 meters, then we are headed to Base Camp at 4750 meters. Taking the Buri Gandaki Valley Trail to Samogon to do so. On the Manaslu Glacier, we will take our time and good care, always following the bamboo marker wands. There are hazardous sections and crevasses to cross, so using the fixed ropes and listening to your guide is very important. Camp 1 is a safe area above the glacier at the bottom of North Peak, so climbers can then take a moment to wind down.

Expedition Camp 2 is next in our plans. Camp 2 will be set up 6400 meters. This area is reasonably flat, though it accumulates large amounts of snow, so climbers can rest easy here as well. The next climb is to Camp 3, which is elevated at 6800 meters and is directly below the col. This will be one of the shortest days as the climb is relatively easy, only taking about 3 hours. The winds here can be very strong, but Shera Sherpa Adventures ensures that their tents are anchored securely. Hold on to your hats for the trek to Camp 4. As we reach this last camp before the Summit Camp, we will travel through slippery snow and ice up to 7400 meters. We will then reach the Summit Camp where climbers can take a break and rest up, this will be an exhausting day with about 6 to 8 hours of trekking.

Late in the evening, the Manaslu Climbing Expedition Summit Day begins. The path will immediately take an average slope from the Summit Camp to the first set of summit tables. There are three separate levels to climb before arriving at pre-summit. The pre-summit itself will take another small but steep slow below the current summit. Climbers do need to be aware that there is a particular traverse for about 70 meters. Using the fixed ropes though will ensure everyone’s safety. The next trek leading to the amazing summit will take between 6 to 9 hours, giving 3 to 4 hours to make our way down to camp. The following day we will head back to Base Camp, thus concluding our victorious Manaslu Expedition. Mount Monarch once again guarantees trekkers that the very best climbing tents are used while journeying through this difficult but inspiring climb to Manaslu Peak.

The Proposed Itinerary for Mount Manaslu Climbing Expedition

Day 1: Arrive at Kathmandu, take it easy and get familiar with Kathmandu and the team. This includes the local Nepali staff, Yak and Yeti Hotel.

Day 2: In Kathmandu, purchase whatever last-minute personal gear, snacks, and gifts may be needed. Also, visit the local temples and sites.

Day 3: Take a Helicopter flight to Sama Goan at 3535 meters.

Day 4-6: We will savor 2 days of rest while going for acclimatization treks.

Day 7: Trek to the base camp at 4800 meters.

Day 8: Much needed a rest day and personalize your personal tent at base camp.

Day 9: Another rest day and prepare for the next set of climbing days.

Day 10-38: Climbing and Summit phase.

Day 39: Wind down and pack up belongings.

Day 40: Trek to Sama Goan.

Day 41: Fly back to Kathmandu via helicopter and return to the Yak and Yeti Hotel.

Day 42: Decompress and celebrate your climb in Kathmandu.

Day 43: Saying goodbyes and return flight to your home country.


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