Terms and Condition


We ask that you pay a deposit of 20% of the price of the trek at the time of booking. You can pay the remaining 80% upon arrival.


  • You can cancel your trip up to 15 days before departure. We will refund 90% of the tour price.
  • If you cancel one week before departure, there will be no refund. 
  • You can reschedule your trek 15 days before departure. 

Insurance and travel risks

Nepalese law states that no foreigner can purchase travel insurance in the country. However, you can purchase travel insurance before coming to Nepal. We recommend that you take out the insurance before you enter the country. There are many people who can purchase their insurance in advance, and you need to make sure you have all the correct information for the insurance.

You also need to know that you might get injured and need to be evacuated by rescue vehicles that are managed by the government. For this case, you need to make sure that you are ready to pay for all these expenses since the government will not cover them. If you want, you can buy insurance, but you must do that before you start your trip.

Incomplete tours

The customer is not entitled to compensation if their trip is not completed due to their own injury or if the trip has to be canceled. The customer is not entitled to compensation if they have to be evacuated from the scene, and it is very important that all customers understand that they are responsible for their own medical bills if they are herding at any time.

Additional Costs

There are additional costs associated with these trips, as standard packages must be adjusted at any time. Someone who wants to do this needs to be sure they have inquired about the cost of the trip. The company will inform you if the cost has changed, and the price will change if the customer initiates these necessary changes.

Flight Cancellations

The company is not responsible for all canceled flights.

Overnight stays

Any overnight stays must be paid for by the customer.


The accommodations for these trips are arranged with the thought that these places are very far from the 21st century. You need to realize that you will not always be in the lap of luxury, and you need to be sure that you are comfortable in a place that might be a little rough for you because you are actually camping in the wilderness and a different time.


Shera Sherpa Adventures

Shera Sherpa Adventures is the #1 trekking company in Nepal. We help our clients to finish their trekking tour safely, saving time and money.

We help you plan your trek from start to finish – and also help you settle in once you arrive in Nepal. From hotel bookings to transportation reservations, we take care of everything so all you have to do is relax and enjoy!