Annapurna Circuit Trek

Thorong La

Annapurna Circuit Trek is a challenging but fun activity you wouldn’t want to miss. It takes you to the longest but most enjoyable trek you’ll probably have in your life around the Annapurna Mountain. You get to view incredibly beautiful and breath-taking scenery at every turn and experience the cultural diversity all along the way. It has been rated the best trekking in Nepal.

The trip begins at Kathmandu. From there, you drive to Besisahar where the actual trek begins from. We trek through the Marsyangdi valley towards the Thorung La Pass. Thorung La Pass is the highest point of altitude during the journey. We then start to descend to Jomsom towards the end of our trek. On the way, you will see gigantic cliffs, several waterfalls, subtropical forests, and several villages with different cultures.

The trek starts at an altitude of 1,000 meters above sea level, slowly climbing to 3,000 meters at Manang, with the highest being 5416 meters at Thorung La Pass. This trip will give you a better variety of scenery compared to any other trek. You get to see the best of Nepal, including arid semi-desert, dramatic deep gorges, Buddhist monasteries, attractive farming villages, Hindu temples, hot springs, and many more.

Our guides are licensed by the Nepal Mountaineering Association. They are professionally trained to ensure your safety during the trip. They will make sure you are as comfortable as possible and you enjoy your trip. The local community is very welcoming and friendly, plus the area is safe.

This journey can take you from 6-25 days depending on your mode of transport and how long you wish to stay, but let’s take a look at the 14-day itinerary.

Annapurna Circuit Trek Itinerary

Day 1: Arrival
We had arrived at the airport and talked to a representative from Nepal who wanted to brief us on the various activities. He talked about what the region offers as well as other cultural norms that he thinks we should know he also asked us if we had any questions. After that, it was a very long plane ride.

Day 2: Kathmandu

We ate a delicious breakfast and then later we got to see some great places. Some were just aesthetically pleasing, others had more cultural and religious significance. It was a great time to just embrace everything that we have because the next day is going to be very big.

Day 3: Driving

Today we for around seven and a half hours to Bhuhbul. It was overnight, so not everyone else go to see the visuals. We got to go over the Marsyangdi River and is a sight I will not forget. Such a great visual was something that I got to cherish that day, but we will get to many other great things and go on grand treks.

Day 4: Ghermu

Now we finally started to cross the Marsyangdi River and everyone got to see what made it so special. This trek was over 1,000 meters long. We went upstream until we reached Nadi Khola. Later in the trek we would go to Bahundanda Ridge and learn a lot different tactics to use. When we arrived in Ghermu, the team did a lot better then I had thought. We would have a long way to go.

Day 5: Chamje

After waking we talked about our plan for the day and ate breakfast. After that, we started a trek that would be longer than the previous one. The trek to Chamje started with following the trail to Marsyangdi Khola. On our journey, we got to see a lot of interesting locales and were even greeted by some people. We would then later be crossover to Jagat. Overnight lodge.

Day 6: Dharpani

We would go to Dharapani and realized that we would be doing more with trek than yesterday. We would be traveling over 400 meters more than we did we did with Chamje. The team ate breakfast and we were off to begin our day. Eventually we would cross the East bank of the river over to Tal. This was about 1,700 meters into our trek. After that we had a delicious lunch, then we went to Dharapani. We would have an overnight lodge.

Day 7: Koto

Today was going to be our longest trek by far. The trek to Koto was over two and a half kilometers. Like every other day, the team ate breakfast before we started our trek. First, we went on the trail that led us to the hillside of Timung. At that location, we would have lunch. Then we went to the Thenchok Village where we could stop and relax before going to Koto. Overnight lodge

Day 8: Pisang

We enjoyed breakfast for realizing that we had another major trek ahead of us. Pisang was going to be 3 kilometers from our location. We walked through Chame and then later Brathang. Then we entered the upper Marsyangdi Valley which offered us a change of scenery. We got to see more valleys and forests which we didn’t get to see before. We were also welcomed bu the Marsyangdi River once again. Overnight lodge.

Day 9: Braga

Today we had a trek that was the same distance as Pisang, just a different location. Starting the day off we had a delicious breakfast that was different than every other we had eaten. Today was incredibly beautiful. We got see views at the end of trek of Annapurna II, III and IV. Gangapurna, made the team appreciate the weather that we had to deal with, which made us embrace the journey that we were on. We also got to see the Glacier Dome, passed Sabji Khola, then went to the village. This night had an overnight lodge

Day 10: Acclimatisation Day

Today we had an optional trek to Manang, which I decided to go on. It was a three and a half kilometer walk to Manang to try out one of the bakeries. We got to try out some unique baked goods that weren’t available in the UK. We could’ve also chosen to explore one of the Braga monasteries which other people chose to do. This was an overnight lodge.

Day 11: Chakadunga

Our trek today wasn’t all that special but it was going to be incredibly lengthy. Chakadunga was very long but there wasn’t a whole lot to set it apart from the other treks we’ve done. It was around four kilometers, and despite the length, we almost forgot about it because it wasn’t very special. We had to go through Manang and Thansey which led into an overnight lodge.

Day 12: Thorong Phedi

After breakfast and a talk with the team, we would go north to Thorong Phedi. Through our passage we would go to another passage in Jargeng Khola. This trek felt much longer despite only being half a kilometer longer because of all that there was to see. Time was really starting to pass because Thorong Phedi was the final settlement through Thorong La Pass. Overnight lodge.

Day 13: Thorong La to Muktinath

The days would get longer and longer. If you consider going on the Manaslu Circuit Trek, consider what you feel now. Whether it be enjoyment and adventure or chaffing and soreness. Once we walked four ours in we got to find a tea shop. We would then descend for a little bit over five kilometers. There is a detour you can take, which will run you at least eight hours to Muktinath. It has some neat temples you can visit.

Day 14: Spare weather day

Today was just a nice time to relax in case we got bad weather. Fortunately, the weather was bearable for our team. Normally we would’ve had to cross the Thorong La again. It was a great day for us to just relax and embrace the environment that we were in. We realized that our time was coming to a close and embraced the environment around us. This meant talking to people, eating new and exciting foods, and exploring temples that were available to us.

Day 15: Jomsom

This is going to be our last trek and its one of the shorter ones. We had the choice of descending through the Jomsom trading center. The other option would’ve been to got to the Tibetan village of Kagbeni. We also walked to the jeep and used the bus to Beni. This would be our last overnight lodge.

Day 16: Pokhara

Today was the first part of our two part journey to Kathmandu. We took a flight at 7:30. It was almost another leisure day for. Though we weren’t enjoying the culture, it was still enjoyable for us.

Day 17: Leisure

Today was our last day before our flight back home. We got to go to Kathmandu and have one last experience for everything we enjoyed. We got to eat wonderful foods, explore temples and shop in the markets. Its was fine to just take a break from trekking and do something that was convenient. It was definitely a day to remember. We spent the night in an overnight hotel.

Day 18: The flight back

Today was over flight back to Home.

Accommodation and Meals

On arrival, you will stay in a hotel in Kathmandu. There are tea houses and lodges that are available along the Annapurna circuit trek. You will get accommodation and food in these accommodation facilities. Most of the accommodations are shared, hence not so much luxurious. Upon request, you can get single units but it will cost you more. During the trek, breakfast and dinner are served in the tea houses or the lodges where you spend your nights, whereas lunch is served at the next tea house/lodge on your way. There is a wide variety of cuisines to choose from, including the Nepalese cuisine and other international cuisines.

Fitness Requirement

Due to recent road construction, the Annapurna Circuit trek has become easier to accomplish than before. There isn’t an exact fitness level to do this; all you need is the will and passion to walk 5-7 hours a day. It’s more challenging trekking at higher altitudes, so, if you are planning to go on this trek, take some few weeks prior to the trip exercising your body. This will give you a bit of strength and stability. There is no specific requirement needed for this circuit trek, even so, past hikers may find it easier than first-timers. If you have any pre-existing medical conditions, especially heart-related diseases, it’s not advisable to take part in this circuit trek.

Even though this trip can be taken any time of the year, the best time would be in April-May and in September-November. You won’t find any climatic obstacles during this time. If you need some motivation, this is the best time to go since you’ll find the company of other trekkers. But if you enjoy a bit of lone ranging, then you can arrange your trip during winter from December-March. But I have to warn you, the weather may be extremely cold. If you are planning to come for this trip, make sure you have the following in place:

  • The right clothing for the trip; they should be comfortable and warm enough depending on the time of the year you take the trip.
  • A quality camera that will help you capture all the magical moments during the trip.
  • Decent-sized backpacking bags.
  • Comfortable hiking boots.

Some of these things can be rented out at Kathmandu, so, don’t worry if you forget any of them. Make sure you are as comfortable as possible during the trip. Only carry the essentials during the trip. You don’t want the excess weight to slow you down.

There has been a huge development of the communication network along the trek. There is wireless internet access in several districts. You will also find cellular 3G in some locations.

All in all, if you have been wondering what unforgettable adventure you can be part of this year, think no further. There are awe-inspiring wonders awaiting you in Nepal. Be part of the Annapurna Trekking and see for yourself those breath-taking scenes, and trust me, you will want to come back again. If you have been here before, then you know what you are missing.


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