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There are numerous trekking agencies in Nepal. Thеѕе trekking companies in Nepal оffеr ѕіmіlаr ѕеrvісеѕ оf expedition tо thе Nepal Hіlmаlауа. Onе trekking соmраnу іn Nepal that can оffеr adventurers ultimate аnd unfоrgеttаblе еxреrіеnсе іn hіkіng аnd сlіmbіng expedition іѕ Shera Sherpa Adventures. If уоu hаvе the wіѕh tо еxрlоrе аnу nооkѕ аnd соrnеr of Nераl wе аrе еаgеr tо fulfіll уоur wіѕh tо thе fullest. We are one of the best Everest Base Camp Trekking company in Nepal, our main аіm іѕ tо gіvе аll whо travel wіth uѕ a memorable аnd rеwаrdіng experience, аnd to ѕhаrе our knowledge оf Nepal’s nаturаl аnd cultural heritage. Aѕ ѕuсh, wе will provide уоu a chance nоt оnlу tо see the Hіmаlауа, but аlѕо tо experience Nераlі сulturе, history аnd rеlіgіоn uр сlоѕе. Wе are a group of рrоfеѕѕіоnаlѕ working іn this sector fоr a lоng period оf tіmе and eager to рrоvіdе world сlаѕѕ ѕеrvісе at аffоrdаblе prices. Thеѕе grеаt еxреrіеnсеѕ саn bе tеѕtіfіеd to bу оur satisfied сlіеntѕ. Wе ѕtаnd out аѕ оnе оf thе tор trеkkіng аgеnсу in Nepal duе tо thе grеаt ѕеrvісеѕ rеndеrеd bу us. Wіth оur experience іn thіѕ sector аnd со-ореrаtіоn оf оur enthusiastic tеаm mеmbеr wе assure уоu thаt thе trір wіth uѕ wіll be one оf the mеmоrаblе trірѕ you hаvе ever been on. Contact us for best Nepal Trek and Tours.

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Why Shera Sherpa Adventures ?

One of the most experienced and dependable Trekking and expedition company in Nepal, Shera Sherpa Adventures delivers the ultimate in adventurous experiences to stunning and breathtaking destinations across Nepal. The exceptional trekking and expedition guides deliver amazing  Nepal Adventures tours customized to the desires and abilities of every group, empowering visitors to experience the beauty of Nepal like no other and ensuring the utmost safety of every person. Nepal is a gorgeous country located high in the Himalayan mountains untouched by the modern world. Shera Sherpa Adventures’ highly experienced and professional guides conduct personalized treks, hikes and tours through this amazing land that create a lasting experience that will be remembered forever. Experience Nepal for yourself with the best, local trekking company.

With a designation as a top trekking company in Nepal, our Travel agency is dedicated to making your trekking experience in Nepal memorable, safe and fun. We proudly maintain recognition and approval from the Government of Nepal and the Tourism Board of Nepal. Our highly trained staff have years of experience in the tourism industry. Aside from being knowledgeable and friendly, our guides are dedicated to safely guiding you to the most beautiful Nepal treks and inspiring destinations in the Himalayas. As a recommend trekking agency in Nepal, we are committed to offering the best travel and trekking services available.

Whether your destination is Nepal, Tibet or Bhutan, we will provide a customized and memorable adventure that is within your budget. Our knowledgeable staff members are happy to assist you in planning a customized trip that will meet any budget restrictions or destination desires you may have. No matter how remote the location, our guides are prepared to provide the maximum level of comfort and safety. Our guides are experienced at exploring some of the most beautiful areas in the world but are also prepared to share interesting facts about Nepali culture, history, and religion.

We have an expanding base of satisfied customers and many return clients who make us a recommend trekking company in Nepal. We are committed to providing an unforgettable, once in a lifetime adventure amidst the tranquil cultural environment and breathtaking scenery of Nepal. As a top trekking company in Nepal, we will ensure your safety, comfort, and satisfaction while mountain climbing, bird watching or any other adventure you create. We eagerly invite you to join us in Nepal for the Himalayan adventure of your dreams.

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Oscar Clor
Read More
Just came back from a 7 days trek with Shera Sherpa. I had an amazing time. Shera Sherpa is a very experienced guide and a great human being. The organisation and services were perfect. I fully recommend this company if you are thinking of doing a trek in Nepal. Thank you again for everything my friend.
M Borgs
Read More
Outstanding experience with Shera! We did the Mardi Himal trek with him in November 2018. Always nice to everyone, ready to help, to explain, to guide, to get us a room in the busy guest houses, while at the same time constantly sharing his experiences and having interesting conversations with us, our conclusion was simple: during the whole trek, we were convinced to travel with the best guide we could have.
Olaniyi Ayodeji
Read More
Best Trip of My Life! Words do not adequately describe how amazing this trip was with Shera Sherpa Adventures. Everest Base camp Trek- My Guides on this trek worked hard in providing a high level of personal services upon arrival to Kathmandu and throughout the entire trek. This is a 5 star company at value pricing. I would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone and I plan on booking with them again next year. These men are very knowledgeable and share their knowledge along the trek...........I learned so much in such a short time. I fell in love with the Himalaya Mountains, the people and the culture. Do not this as life is way too short and a trip like this will change you in many positive ways. Thank you Shera Sherpa Adventures.
S Whitehead
Read More
I had the most amazing experience with Sheras Sherpa Adventures. It was one of the best things I have ever done and this is totally down to Shera. He was so attentive and helped us out with absolutely everything we needed throughout the entire trek. Making sure we were safe during the walking and also organising all the best tea houses and meals! Shera was great fun too and we had some brilliant laughs through out the trek. I would recommend Sheras Sherpa adventures to anyone wanting to do a trek in Nepal he was professional at all times but also so friendly and fun. The trek we did would not be the same without him. Thank you Shera for an unforgettable experience!
Henry Rigby
Read More
Amazing guide! Kind and professional... all the qualities needed to create an excellent trek for us. We summited Stok Kangri! Highly recommended.
Amy Tan
Read More
Shera Sherpa and his cousin Lakhpa Sherpa were our two climbing guides for our Stok Kangri summit attempt. Shera has met up with us at the base camp the day before the summit day for a short training session to acclimatize a little higher before the big day. Shera Sherpa is very professional, responsible and friendly. With his climbing experience, he is someone that you can trust for good advice and judgement. With his guiding and communication skills, the team managed to make it to the top and summit safely. -Amy
Gautam Chandok
Read More
I did ebc trek with Shera Sherpa Adventures. My guide was very nice and well behaved and everything was running smoothly. I am surely coming back To Nepal with this company. 6 star rating. .......... Thank you for wonderful experience .
Maria Bjerkelund
Read More
My climb to the Stok Kangri mountain in Himalaya was with Shera sherpa. It was a great experience- with the most experienced guy. He managed to make the climb very safe and looked for all our needs. I would love to use these professionals when i go to Nepal. Best regards.
Scott Arnold
Read More
Thank you Ang Shera for such an incredible climb! My son and I had such a good experience in summiting Stok Kangri with Shera Sherpa Adventures. In addition to Shera's considerable experience and skill as a guide, you will find him to be cheerful, thoughtful, and committed to his client's having the best experience possible. Like other guides, Shera manages with elan the major elements of a guided climb. But it is in the little things, like the pressure cooker baked cake (baked at 5,000m by Lop Sang) waiting for you back in camp when you get off the summit, that you will see that Shera and his team earn their reputation as the best guides in the Himalayas. I look forward to climbing with Ang Shera again.
Merete Winness
Read More
Shera Sherpa Adventures is highly professional and skilled, positive and great support. I give my best recommendations, and I am already thinking about a visit to Nepal.
Jonna Lueers
Read More
I highly recommend Shera as a guide, I had an excellent experience with him hiking in the Himalayas. Shera is super fun and very experienced and reliable!
Dance on my playlist
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Awesome experience with this trekking company. They have the best team of guides and support staffs, which ensures happy and safe trek. Strongly recommended.!
Jugal Kishore Mosalpuri
Read More
Completed memorable trek to Everest base camp trek via Gokyo lake. Awesome experience with Shera Sherpa Adventures. Quality of service exceptional, Safety, food and comfort is their top priority. I personally thanks to Mr. Ang Shera Sherpa, the owner of the company for the support he provided during my trek.
Kuldeep Singh Rathore@username
Read More
Unforgettable experience and best service and support provided by Shera Sherpa Adventures during my Trek to Mardi Himal. The team at Shera Sherpa Adventures are very efficient and professional. Their service level was more than expected. One of the best trekking company in Nepal. Thumbs up.
Joe Lovstrom
Read More
What a man! What a Sherpa! Easily the finest guide in Nepal - took us on a glorious trek to Poon Hill and Mardi Himal. Designed the perfect trek for us, never asking too much or too little out of each day; while also getting great deals in each tea house along the way and most importantly of all being a down right hilarious man. I will without doubt be using Shera again and recommend him highly to all!
Mahabir Rana
Read More
Shera Sherpa Adventures is one of the best trekking and expedition company in Nepal. My trekking trip to Everest base camp in Nepal with Shera Sherpa Adventures was Awesome.I highly recommended to all the adventure trekking seekers to Go Nepal with Mr. Ang Shera's Company. They are very simply best in the Kathmandu.
Mathew Rajan
Read More
Did EBC with shera sherpa and he made sure that the experience was great. You can count on them anytime. He made sure we all are in good shape and all the team complete the trekking. He is an experienced guide with lot of experience in mountaineering and summiting many of the peaks on Everest region. Our side boca is awesome!!! Thanks again for your company and guidance 😃
Kunal Dabi
Read More
Had a memorable time in Annapurna circuit Trek with shera sherpa adventures. I highly recommend this trekking company to all trekkers going nepal for trekking and expeditions. Mr. Ang Shera Sherpa's staff is very skillful and well mannered.This company provided me highest possible quality throughout my annapurna Circuit trek. All the best!
XavXav 123
Read More
Great guide with bags of experience and a lot of fun!

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