Mera Peak Expedition And Climbing

Mera Peak climbing will take you over 21,000 feet, and you have to remember that even though this has been climbed by many people since Jimmy Roberts first did it in 1953 that you have to be prepared because this is a major hike and climb to the top. If you are not ready, you could have a very big problem because this is a massive hike that you need to be ready for, Mera Peak climbing is hard after you get there, and the Mera Peak expedition is more than just a climb to the summit. You will see the world in a new way.

You will go through a lot of places to get there, and it is going to be pretty easy to understand because the hike is not that hard. You should make sure that you have considered what you will be able to do to be sure that you can get someone out of this that is going to make it a lot easier on you. You should also be sure that you have thought over what you will do when you get up there because you need to have a plan to make this as fun as possible.

You have to be pretty fit, and it would probably help if you had done some of this before so that the Mera Peak expedition would not be such a shock.

Detailed Itinerary

Day 1: You get to Kathmandu and relax for the day because you are going to start a very long journey that is going to take you to some amazing places. You will also climb over 4000 meters in elevation over the course of this trip. Because of that, you have to be really ready.

Day 2: You will fly to Lukla, and you will take a hike over a river to the tea house wher eoyu will stay the night. You have to be sure that you rest at this point because it is going to get harder. The flight is short, but you have to be ready for a bumpy ride because you have to go through a gorge to get where you want to go.

Day 3: You will go through this massive rhododendron forest that will take you to the next phase of the hike. You will stay overnight in the teahouse, and you have to remember that this is a good time for you to relax because there are a lot of people who start to get tired.

Day 4: You have to ascend a big pass today, and you will notice that you come to another village that is there to help you because you need more rest before you climb even higher to get into the high plains before you hire the mountains.

Day 5: You will hike over meadows, and you will stay in another village that was even higher than the last. You have to ask yourself if you can get enough pictures in this part of the world because these herders and farmers live as they did a thousand years ago.

Day 6: You get a whole rest day, but this is the perfect day to get used to the climate and make it so that you can relax and shop around town. You can meet some nice people before you start the next loop day.

Day 7: You climb even higher, and you also have to remember that you will move up from one village to another. This can be easy on you, and it takes seven hours over some nice views.

Day 8: You can climb up even higher because you will stay at the tea house overnight, and you will have some fun with the people in the group because you are seeing more rocky crags and fun things to climb.

Day 9: You take a trail that will go past a Buddhist monastery, and you should get time there to take some pictures. You will also notice that you can pretty easily get up this trail because it has not gotten too steep yet. It will get harder the next day as you go over 5000, of elevation.

Day 10: You can go up over 5000m today, and you should also remember that this is where it starts to get very steep and you start to see snow. IF you are not ready for this, it can be very hard on you. You will be a lot more pleased with your long hikes if you have prepped yourself and taken the rest day that is coming up.

Day 11: This is the hike that will get you through snow to a camp that you know is coming. There is a big boulder field out there, and you should totally sure that you are ready toc limb even higher.

Day 12: This is the hike to the lower camp, and you will go through more snow and the boulder field that can be very hard on you if you are new to this type of climbing. Make sure you are mentally prepared and have rested enough for this part of the hike.

Day 13: You have to go from the lower camp to the base camp, and you will be brought up by a guide to a point where you can rest because you have to get used to the altitude. There are high winds and cold weather here, and you have to steel yourself for the summit.

Day 14: This is the summit day, and you have to rope up early because you are going to climb through some extreme cold and high winds just to get to the summit. You will taken there in the safest way possible, and you will have time to enjoy the summit before coming back down. That also means that you can take the next two days to try other approaches if you want to because you have time up there. You have to start early because it is 12 hours to get up there.

Day 15: You can do two days going up to the summit and you can even take the north approach one day if the weather and time permits.

Day 16-17: You come out of the Hindu Valley, and you will notice that you are see a lot of people who are wanting to see all their views again because they look so different from this angle.

Day 18: You will descend through the places where you have already come, adn you get to stay overnight in a place that you remember. This can make it very nice for you to come here and relax because you have been on the hike for over two weeks at this point.

Day 19: You will descend out of the Lukla valley today, and you will come a lot closer to your goal. This is also the place where the plane is going to come to get you when you leave in the morning.

Day 20: You fly back from Lukla today, adn you will have a big dinner with your hiking group before you head out of Kathmandu to go home.


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